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Poster Series

The poster edition of 34 was the basis for a public campaign in Águilas.  

  • The Food series is based on anthropological interviews. It covers the attitude and heritage of local cooks based in Águilas. 

  • The Fishery series is based on anthropological interviews with fishermen, a historian and a members of staff ot the municipality.

  • The Science series is based on interviews and TED Talks with scientists. It depicts facts about the ocean and its creatures. 

  • The Posidonia series informs about the sea grass called Posidonia and proclaims its protection.

  • The Águilas series is about the city, the Mediterranean sea, and the relationship of the people of Águilas with the Sea.


Print on moisture resistant paper, Paper edition 29,7 x 42 cm

Illustration and design Katrin Funcke, Kristina Heldmann, Stefan Michaelsen

Photography Fabian Gasperl

© Stefan Michaelsen, Kristina Heldmann, Katrin Funcke, 2021

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