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¡vamos, simbiosis! aligns with the United Nations initiative The Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) to conserve and sustainably use marine resources.

Inspired by the principle of symbiosis, the project brings together scientists, artists, and the public to discuss and develop ideas for developing a more balanced partnership with the oceans and marine life.

How can we do that?

Our guiding principle is that actual experiences in the field are beneficial for understanding and solving problems. Discovering the ocean by observing it on-site and diving into it, is the premise to understand, feel and communicate the deep bond between humans and the sea.

Through the combination of nature experiences, scientific knowledge and artistic interpretations, artworks are created that communicate facts, yet speak to and involve people in an emotional way.


Encounters with the sea connect people and nature




Research is the foundation for learning and innovation.



Art makes emotions and
ideas visible.

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