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Responsible for the content, Co-Initiators

Annika and Stephanie Guse

Contact Science

Prof. Dr. Annika Guse 

Quantitative Organismic Networks 

Faculty of Biology, LMU Munich 

Großhaderner Straße 2

82152 Martinsried, Germany


Contact Arts

Dr. Stephanie Guse, Vienna, Austria



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich and Heidelberg University


© Photography

Fabian Gasperl

The scientists and artists

The city hall of Águilas


© Film

Tobias Brehmer, Axel Warnstedt


© Symbiosis Studio 

Concept: Stephanie Guse

Design: Andreas Bergmann, and Michael Lehner


© Thinking Hands 

Idea: Stephanie Guse

Workshop concept and facilitation: ︎Katrin Funcke, ︎Stephanie Guse, Kristina Heldmann, ︎and Stefan Michaelsen 


© Artworks

The artists


© The Yellow Thread

Based on an idea by Stefan Michaelsen



Stephanie Guse

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